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Lonely Planet 16 Best Things to See & Do in Provence

Well, this is real interesting. What I see is we don’t have much differences in our evaluations between Lonely Planet and Mas des Etoiles.

This is the Lonely Planet List for 2018,  with our annotations. ( Page 8)

1- The Provence Markets

2- The Luberon

3- Vieux Nice

4- Pont du Gard

5- Gorges du Verdon

6- The three Corniches ( Above Monaco)

7- Marseille

8- Les Alpilles

9- Les Calanques ( Cassis near Marseille)

10- Mont Ventoux ( just north from here)

11- St-Tropez & and the area

12- The Camargue

13- Palais des Papes in Avignon

14- Arles

15- Aix-en -Provence

16- Monaco


When you analyze this, you see that Luberon is noted second. It is beacause it is very central and offers the largest density of things to do.

In less than one hour from Mas des Etoiles, you have 1-, 2-, 4- , 7-, 8- 10- , 13- and  15 –  So 9 spots out of 16 !

In less that 1 30 minutes you have also 9- ( Calanques) and 5- Gorges du Verdon.

You need 2 hours to cover 3- 6- and 16-. ( Nice, and Monaco)

This means that you can cover a large portion in 8-12 days. 2/3 in our area and 1/3 for Côte d’Azur or 50/50 if you prefer.

If I have a less than 8 days Tour, I would definitely forget the Camargue. It is a bit far away and unless you are a bird watcher, there is little to see ( You cannot combine with Arles in a day because Arles is too dense).

Normally, the ideal stay duration at Mas des Etoiles would be 4-6 days. Often it cannot be longer because our guests need time for other parts of France. On three days, yo will also have very good time but don’t expect to do too much. You just adjust the time to the best quality, for you.



Here you can check that all the western Provence spots around in quick reach of Gordes and Luberon.