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Jogging & Running : Plenty of Opportunities just around us

Most of our younger guests want to have exercise in the morning, when the air is still fresh.

One of the first questions is “Where to go”. We are proposing several morning tours from very easy to training for Marathons.

The easiest is first to start from the house and make a short round trip in the orchards and vineyards behind. This will not be on a dirt road. It is safe.

Running together in the morning is a fabulous experience

Running in the early morning just out of Mas des Etoiles brings unique sensations



The alternative can be to cross the main road and to go down in the valley. This would cover 6-10 kms ( one hour). I give a map and explanations. Sometimes, for instance when it is a lady on her own and a bit afraid of the conditions, we make the tour with the car. The idea is not to get lost and also to take the roads offering the best views.

Pretty often, guests ask us to go  to Gordes, running. This is not a good idea as the road is in general busy and there is not so much room to move. Also  you have to go up and it is quite steep.

You can cover larger distances in the valley. Our daughter Eve, before having the last baby, used to go through Saint Pantaleon, almost to Roussillon. The are plenty of open space and all paths are good in the area of Gordes.

Last proposal, you run to Senanque. We normally propose it for hikings but our grand-children for instance love going there,. One of them uses to put 10-15 kgs of sand on his back to improve his endurance.

There is an other section on biking.

Excellent prospects all the way !