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Discovering Chateau La Coste Winery & Art Center

Yesterday,  when coming back from Marseille(s),  ( where I had an appointment with my  dermatologist – Too much sun …),   I had a stop at Chateau La Coste  ( Don’t get confused with our Lacoste, which is the Marquis de Sade place just nearby us.

In fact,  Chateau La Coste  is something like 15 kms north of Aix-en-Provence and on the way to Mas des Etoiles, if you use the Lourmarin itinerary.

The place ( is probably one of the best attractions for Modern Art in the South of France.

What to say : For me it is one of the most pleasant places to visit, at the level of Carrières de Lumière in Les Baux-de-Provence. You have a huge park with vineyards, view and modern Art Artifact.

You know that in Europe Modern Art is considered a bit as snobbish but here it is mixed with many other features ( Architecture, way to live…) that anybody will be transported to heaven.

At present, we are in Winter and it is pretty empty. At the point that the reception lady proposed to give me the key for the main Exhibition as we were in regular hours and nobody was there !)

There was a special exhibition and we spent funny times inside incredible arrangements- See below the meditating lady !

This is worth at least half a day. It is one hour away from Mas des Etoiles but you can combine the day with Lourmarin ( on Fridays, because of the market) or with Aix-en-Provence.

We had an excellent lunch at Restaurant Tadao Ando just in the centrer, near the library. Price 48 EUR per person. A brand-new parking is just below).

Now, in Summer, I guess it is going to be  quite busy. I recommend early in the morning or late before dusk ( with dinner). But be careful to arrive before the exhibition closing.

If you want to know more, I have found a good and exhautive article in Le Figaro. It is prensented here and then, if you want to know more … Google Translate will do it.