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You will Love our Biking Cycling Tour from Gordes to the Luberon Valley

Luberon is a key area for biking and Cycling.  Why ?

In fact, people would guess it is  very much in the mountains and then difficult. What you have to consider is the “Valley” here is pretty much flat. Except if you want to abuse with the ” Hilltop Villages”  like Gordes.

To be with your traveling companion in the open air and do what you want without ( too much) physical effort is going to be, all our guests can certify, WONDERFUL.

We help you for the planning and the organization. We give you a detailed map and a base itinerary which avoids the main roads and gets you to unspoiled spots. We are going to rent your bikes ( at your wishes )  and they are going to be delivered at Mas des Etoiles the previous evening

“To explore the Luberon Valley from Mas des Etoiles is an unforgettable experience .”


Our classical roundtrip is like this :

1- Go down in the valley in the general direction of Oppède-le-Vieux.

2- Visit Oppède-le Vieux ( Be careful : there are two Oppède ! “Le Vieux – The Old is at the bottom of the mountain where you see the church and the castle)

3- Take the Luberon Bike Road along the mountain in the direction of Menerbes.

4-  This is special : You have a small road where you will meet nobody and you get close from a cedar forest and horses ranches in the middle of nowhere. I am going to document that part as it is not so easy to find your way.

5- Visit of Menerbes

   6- Then, it depends on you ambitions and if you are hungry ! In general you are heading to Goult in the middle of the valley. You have a short look at Ridley Scott’s Manoir.  We don’t recommend to add Bonnieux & Lacoste : Too far. ( If you decide to do it, come back by the valley bike road : It is straight and very convenient).

7- You visit Goult ( See more explanations on a special post)

8- Now, if you are electrical, you might go to Roussillon. But my opinion is you don’t need to do too much. Just enjoy where you are.

9- You visit the charming hamlet of Saint Pantaleon and back home  around  5 00 PM for a merited swim at Mas des Etoiles.



For your lunch, the place depends on the hour you are starting. You ca take with you a picnic basket but in general guests prefer to sit in a casual place. It is also an opportunity to meet people who do the  same thing as you and share your experiences. So it is better not to go to an expensive place  from where you will nt be capable to do anything. Restaurants have closing days, anytime. So to be sure you might anticipate.

Oppède : We strongly recommend Le Petit Café ( Call them a bit before if it is a big day). Menerbes :  Le Galoubet. Goult : Café de la Poste. Bonnieux Un p’tit Coin de Cuisine  or Café de la Gare. Saint Pantaleon : Bistro des Roques. But you also have pizzerias almost everywhere.