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Experiment a Refreshing Canoe Ride on the Sorgue River with Canoe Evasion

Sorgues River Canoe Drive : A happy Girl !

The canoe rides takes place from Fontaine-de-Vaucluse ( Where the Sorgue River gets spectacularly out of the mountain towards L’Isle-sur-la Sorgue outskirts. Maybe 8 kms ( 5 miles), and 2 hours good time on the river.

Getting to discover the Sorgue river : A Valiant & Vigorous Start

Fontaine-de-Vaucluse actually is just behind Le Mas des Etoiles. Probably less  than 5 kms “as the crow flies”.  You see the mountain but not the spring as it is in a hole in the opposite direction. A walk would be uneasy and tough

This activity will good on a sunny and rather hot day, as it can happen generally from June to September. In fact, the Luberon temperatures can get real high early in season. In 2017, we reached the highest temperature in Mas des Etoiles  swimming pool by June 15-30. I would say 32 Celsius ( 75 F) .

“When you already done a lot, the “Descente de la Sorgue  with Canoë-Evasion  is quiet and funny.”


There are two operators : “Canoe Evasion” and “Kayak Vert”. Historically, we know better “Canoe Evasion”, but both are real friendly and efficient.

The Sorgue River : You will have to navigate ! Easy and quite funny.

You must book slightly in advance. In general our guests make it by 10 30 – 11 00.  Before lunch  is the best time. To facilitate the deal, Mas des Etoiles books for you and gives you detailed informations about the exact whereabouts and conditions. There is no safety issue, every 8 boats or so, has a young and experimented supervisor who is going to give you a “refresher’s course” on how to use a paddle ! In fact at the beginning, there are might be coordination problems between the front and the back seats ! You re-acquire the capacity or you are learning very fast.


On the Sorgue River : Mid-way stop.you need assistance only in two points : There is a little dam and you have to transfer your canoe from one level to the other.


Also about half-way, they propose you to swim a bit. The opportunity is a small cascade in which the flow accelerates and during a short time. Your life

On the Sorgue River : Mid-way stop.

jacket supports you and you even don’t have to swim. But you will see that water temp is about 14 degrees Celsius ( 57 F). The test on whether you can support it  is easy. On the coast, thousands of swimmers do it every year at Christmas. It is good for your health !

Waters are incredibly clear and with an emerald color. So, during the trip, if you are curious, you will see many trouts, some very large, in the waters. Also all kinds of wildlife like beavers, ducks, swans and small birds.

One last tip : Don’t leave anything visible in your car. Everything in the trunk. Some people know you will not be around for 2 hour or so.



The arrival where the buses are waiting for you is a place a bit before L’Isle sur la Sorgue and named ” Partage des Eaux” ( The Distribution of the Waters). There you will see dams and water is separated in two flows which are going to irrigate the Sorgue countryside. Such water is going feed a lot of canals. for the farmers. It is a major source of welth for the fruit growers between L’Isle, Cavaillon and Carpentras.

Canoe Evasion Map on the Sorgue River Canoe “Adventure”



The “Partage de Eaux includes a large water basin where a lot of families come to picnic and  enjoy the freshness under the trees. If you want to go there by yourselves without having the canoe ride, there is a path behind the hotel ( and a public parking)  at the entrance of L’Isle sur la Sorgue. You also have affordable restaurants on the shote ( La Guinguette).

One of my favorites place to picnic in the area will be very close from Canoe Evasion. There you have large grounds. And you have a direct look on the river trafic.


Other points :

You can practice fly-fishing. The best places are between Fontaine-de –Vaucluse on the road going back  ( left bank). There no doubt, you will see many cars parked along the road and the riverbed is very close.