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The Tour de France often Rides in Gordes in front of Mas des Etoiles !

Yes, it is fantastic : We had Tour de France in Luberon last July 21, 2014, just two years ago. And the organizers like Gordes !

This year it is on Thursday July 14, the Bastille Day. Unique.

Biking in Luberon area around Gordes from the B&B is the thing to do. We make all the arrangements for you.

You can book your room here (Click).

Below, you will find a few pictures (mostly shot by me) last time.

Tour de F Journal

Normally, by 4:00 in the afternoon on July 14 ( a Thursday) , it will be in front of Mas des Etoiles on the way up to the Gordes Hill.

Tour de France 3 20 July 2014

A lot of time before, a lot of people are preparing to picnic in the best spots. Here one of the best views on the village.

Here the “peloton” passes like thunder. As they were very fast, it just lasted a few seconds, brushing the air, vroom …

Tour de France 8 20 July 2014

Here, it is me !!! I’m waving the National Flag of Argentina for the only Argentine in the Tour de France.

I am also wearing  a Brazil Rio 2016 Summer Olympics shirt !

Annette is bi-national, Argentine and French. She was born near Buenos Ayres and lived there when she was a teenager.

It is the reason why we speak Spanish.

Tour de France 1 20 July 2014

In fact, we also are from Lille near Belgium. We have many friends from “Belgique”.

You see the Mas des Etoiles sign on the left.

Mont Ventoux is not an easy ride …

Reaching the top. You start almost at sea level and it is 1,911 meters high.


Tour de France 5 20 July 2014       Tour de France 4 20 July 2014

In front of Mas des Etoiles, trying to catch up.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.