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B&B’s in Gordes : Which one is the Best …for You ?

Every B&B has a different pattern :  We feel special and unique. Probably, the others B&B have a similar conviction. You also have specific needs and it is likely that, in regard with the circumstances, you will select anoother one;

We have made a comparison with 4 other ones which are in  Gordes area and which, we think have common points.

They are ” Les Terrasses Gordes”, which is in the countryside off the beaten tracks  10 minutes from Gordes Center, Mas de la Tannerie, Mas de la Beaume and Domaine de l’Enclos which are right in Gordes.  And Bastide du Tinal in Menerbes. It is 15-20 minutes from Gordes. They are above the competition in terms of global hospitality.

So here you will have a brief review which puts in front the essential pro’s and con’s.


Mas des Etoiles Les Terrasses Gordes Mas de la Tannerie Mas de la Beaume Domaine de l’Enclos Bastide du Tinal
Ranking Tripadvisor Luberon 2 33 210 25 NC 57
Quantity of Reviews Tripadvisor 345 130 35 155 68 30
Closed Parking Yes No Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Children accepted Above 12′ No Above 10′ No Yes No
Rates Range 160-240 150-200 250-400 150-300 150-300 250-450
Credit Cards accepted
Visa, MC, Maestro, AMEX
 Visa, MC, AMEX
Visa, MC
Visa, MC
Visa, AMEX
Visa, MC, Maestro, AMEX

Comments ( Data at Jan 17, 2018) : 

Ranking Tripadvisor Luberon & Quantity of Reviews : We are largely the first in this respect. The main reason is we pay a lot of attention to everyone of our guests. We have made the adjustments, when necessary, to offer an optimized performance. Also we have the largest proportion of International travelers ( who look happy).

Closed Parking : We have a fully secured parking area inside the property. At this level, almost everyone has.

Children accepted  : Many people want to visit Provence with their children ( or grand-children). So, we accept (“well educated”) teenagers without restrictions. We have twin rooms ( Dreams & Vineyards) which are perfect for that. We also accept babies as long as they are not able to walk ! ).

Rates Range : We are medium. People must know that, in general, our rates are below and others by 15% ( the % of their commission). Some prefer know it but prefer to book thry anyway as it looks safer.

Credit Cards : We take AMEX and Maestro. For guests from Brazil and others, payments can be cash.



Mas des Etoiles Les Terrasses Gordes Mas de la Tannerie Mas de la Beaume Domaine de l’Enclos Bastide du Tinal
Quantity of Reviews  62 81 62 394  376  70
Total Average 9,5 9,3 9,0 9,4 9,3 9,4
Cleanliness 9,8 9,7 9,2 9,7 9,6 9,8
Comfort 9,6 9,5 9,1 9,7 9,5 9,4
Equipments 9,5 9,3 8,9 9,2 9,3 9,4
Personnel 9,8 9,4 9,2 9,7 9,3 9,3
Ratio Rate/ Quality 8,7 8,6 8,4 8,7 8,7 8,7
Wifi 9,0 8,3 8,5 9,0 9,0 8,6
Whereabouts 9,5 9,1 9,3 9,7 9,6 9,6


Comments ( Data at Jan 17, 2018) : 

Quantity of Reviews by  They take into consideration the reviews realized during the 24 past months. Mas des Etoiles  less reviews for these reasons : We have more bookings coming direct from our website because we make clear that there is a price advantage to book thru us ( We also have more repeat business) and the length of stays are longer. The incredible quantity of reviews with Mas de la Beaume B&B and Domaine de l’Enclos clearly indicate they mostly have short stays ( and is what they are looking for).

In general the ratings are high as has to sell ! The worst places in Gordes are still rated 8,0. (Also you often have incredibly glamorous reviews made  by friends and relatives) .

Total Average : The results are very similar. The ratings are high and seem to mean that expectations are fulfilled.

Chambres d’hôtes Gordes- Mas de la Tannerie is an exception  and the marks are supported by guests comments. Unusually the breakfast is not included in the room rate ( 15 EUR / person.) So the rates indicated on are just misleading !

Cleanliness, Comfort, Equipments : No specific comment. In fact we all have some advantage.

Mas de la Beaume : Very Pretty and well maintained

Personnel : We are leading with Mas de la Beaume B&B . Mas de la Beaume B&B  is a bit like an hotel but it is run by a charming Belgium lady. She knows well what Hospitality means. She is delicate, speaks excellent English and her interior is real nice. I would say, besides the decor which is exceptional, the overall value is excellent. We are good just for a few reasons : Annette and I, we care a lot about you and make everything to get you satisfied and happy with us. You are received a bit like cousins ( members of our family) we don’t see everyday but which we appreciate from the beginning. The key ingredients are we  both speak foreign languages and are open minded.

Ratio Rate/ Quality : Very similar, except Tannerie. The ratings are lower because the rates are higher than if you are lost in Nature. A construction in Gordes is very expensive because you are obliged to have the white  local stone set-up. And everything costs more : personnel , gardening …

Wifi : We used to have the best ratings. Now most other ones have improved and they equal us.  For me,  it has always have been very important to have it in all the rooms, the pool area  and very well. We are in the countryside. In 2018 we have found a solution to make better  and we have video speed everywhere. In 2019, we are promised high speed network. I see it is not so good in some other places.

Whereabouts : Ratings are high. As for  Mas de la Beaume. The property  is just in front of the best sight-seeing place in all Luberon. And you get there hundreds of noisy tourists. At night,  it is quiet. OK for short stays.

Bastide du Tinal : A handsome Property just below Menerbes

Maison d’hôte – Bastide du Tinal is located in Menerbes 8 kms from Gordes. It is just new and very handsome ( 2 swimming pools, large rooms, decor probably purchased at Salon “Maison et Objets” in Paris. Good view and even a  restaurant ” Le Petit Lucullus”  which offers fine dining when it is open) . The only problems are globally it is impersonal and people don’t dare to do anything as it is excessively ordered. You are in exclusive little hotel and very well maintained. An other point,  it is oriented North and just on the Menerbes Hill ( See pict) . So you have the sun behind and no view on the back. Personally, if you have “deep pockets”, I would say   the best alternative is Domaine de Fontenille in Lauris. That one is superb, it is #1 on Tripadvisor Hotels. Their Michelin starred restaurant ” Le Champ de Lune” deserves the trip.  See also Bastide de Marie near Menerbes. Both are real sophisticated and “trendy”. I recently discovered another one Villa le Haut Vallon. Villa Haut Vallon can be classified as a “Boutique Hotel”

Domaine de l’Enclos : A Nice little Hotel just in Gordes

Maison d’Hôtes – Domaine de l’Enclos advertising says they are a B&B. In fact it is a small hotel with the best view of all,  very quiet but unfortunately lower than average interior design . Tripadvisor does not take them as a B&B. They are open all year and their preference  is on volume ( They are the only ones to accept one-night stays and this way it is good). For a small and nice hotel in Gordes,  consider Mas des Romarins which has one of the best values. They have a good restaurant with a view on the village.

Les Terrasses- Gordes : The loveliest of our Selection

I cannot end up my review of our dear friends, without giving a special mark to “Les Terrasses Gordes b&b”.  Eventually hey are the most similar to us and our taste. ” Les Terrasses” is  nested on the outskirts ( Not very close)  of Gordes. It is “human size” with just 3 rooms. Decor is pretty, good pool ( heated) ans when you know, you have the impression to come back to your home. A decisive point is the friendly style of the owner. He cooks marvelously ( not everyday) and globally it is a place where we would definitely stay. Excellent value. The only negative is they don’t have a secured parking. You are obliged to park on the street just in front. But the road is quiet.


Other points of Interest :

Personally, if you have “deep pockets”, I would  have a look at  Domaine de Fontenille in Lauris. That one is superb, it is #1 on Tripadvisor Hotels. Their Michelin starred restaurant ” Le Champ de Lune” deserves the trip.  See also Bastide de Marie near Menerbes. Both are real sophisticated and “trendy”.

I recently discovered another one : Villa le Haut Vallon. Villa Haut Vallon can be classified as a “Boutique Hotel”. It enjoys the best location right in Gordes ( but quiet and  hidden) . The whole set-up is handsome and the decoration is of excellent taste. It even has a “chef” available all the time. rating : 9,6. It is much above our rates but it holds a lot of value.

A last point : In France, visitors can expect to have dinner at the B&B. At Mas des Etoiles, we don’t do it for a number of reasons.  One is we have the unique  advantage which is we are the only  to have 3 restaurants in walking distance. L’Estellan is just across the street. So if you want to drink, there is no problem. Occasionally, I give a ride (free) to Gordes for  the most  cautious guests for Alcohol.

Last News : Mas de la Beaume is now for sale by Christierealestate – Michael Zingraf (see website) at 2,907,000 USD ( 2,370,000 EUR). This is an indication of the market.