New aerial Views of the Mas and Luberon taken in June 2016

Last Wednesday, we had the visit of Frederic, a specialist in aerial views.

He has a small drone, a DJI Phantom 3. It is easy to pilot and includes a stabilizer by GPS. The results are very good and now enable future guests to see better where Mas des Etoiles is located. In less than one hour, we had several good pictures of the Mas. I had been impressed by the picture of Mas de la Baume in Gordes with a superb view of their B&B and in the background the Gordes Castle. And I wanted to accomplish something similar as people prefer to know where they are going to stay…

La bonne corrigée

On the pict above, you see the house is inserted in the countryside below the hilltop of Gordes. We are on the north side of the Luberon Valley with excellent exposure to the sunshine all year. And with beautiful sunsets. The hotels and B&B’s which are on the opposite side, in Menerbes or Bonnieux have a problem as the sun disappears pretty fast behind hills.

The property is pretty large ans has enough to make a golf course ( We have a 9 holes pitch & put  in mind ). For that we have secured water supply in two ways : First we have the water from Canal de Provence which comes from the Alps, second we have made a drilling and we have about 5 cubic meters of extra pure water per hour available. As our resources are limited this is going to take some time.

Also, we have a lot of wildlife here : A fox family lives just behind. We have badgers ( I met a friendly one last week when fetching cherries i the dark ! ) A female boar came to have babies last winter just near the main gate. I tried to feed it but she was preferring her own tranquility. Deers elegantly come across our fences. Last month a couple of does had little birds jus above us on our terrace… Guest who practice bird watching tell us our resources are high. One time we even saw a famous “Eagle of Bonelli”.

As for Agriculture, we have around us two farmers : One is Claude Ripert. He sold us our original piece of land ,  has a vineyard with Muscat grapes. It is delicious and enchantes our guests breakfasts in September. He and his wife, are very kind and when we arrived in Luberon they helped us to integrate the community. As Claude is adjoint au Maire he is very close from Maurice Chabert who is now the head for Department du Vaucluse. He also makes wheat just at our doorsteps. The other one is Yves Speranza : He and his family have large properties where he grows cherries. and oak trees special for truffles. He is the truffle specialist of the area and organizes tours where you can find yourselves the truffles wihth his dogs and then eat it in a dedicated menu at Restaurant Estellan on the other side of the road D1.